Salon Time
The beauty of the client is the success of the salon

Rules of using the Salon Time service

All users of website or/and mobile application Salon-Time are divided into three groups after logging: 

  • Administrators (owners of salons)
  • Masters who work in beauty salons or Masters who work independently without a beauty salon

  • Clients

You can change the type of your profile at the top of the page.

Rules for Administrators/ Owners of beauty salons

Step 1: You can add any amount of salons. For this you have to mention: full name of salon, address, telephone number and any other contact information for attracting new clients.

Step 2: Switch to the Master tab and add masters who work in your salon. Only masters can add service they do. After this, they will automatically appear on salon's page.

Step 3: Switch to the Clients page to track or add new clients

Rules for Masters who work in a beauty salon

If you work at a beauty salon which is not added to our database ask your Administrator or Owner of salon to add the salon into our database. After that the Owner or Administrator can add you as a worker of the salon. 

If the salon is activated you can use the website or the mobile application totally FREE. Otherwise, ask an Administrator of salon to activate a beauty salon so that it can be available to all clients.

Rules for Masters who work independently without a beauty salon

Step 1: To create your page which will be available to all clients of the website and the mobile application Salon-Time, you need to click on "add to masters’ database". After that, fill in all the necessary information, such as: First Name, Last Name, Telephone Number, Position and click on "Add"

Step 2: Add a description of the services you do.

Rules for Clients

All Clients of the website and the mobile application can use the service for FREE. You can find a master and sign up to any procedures in just few clicks.